From your wish we like to make a product feature

As the official agent of Dugdale Ltd. since 2008, we sell all possible variants of PVC compounds in Germany, France and the Benelux countries.

The application range of the PVC granules, which we mostly also can supply as dry-blend powders, goes from extrusion, to injection moulding and to blow moulding.

You can find an overview of our range here:

  • anti-bacterial PVC compounds
  • flexible PVC compounds
  • foam PVC compounds
  • gasket PVC compounds
  • intumescent PVC compounds
  • PVC nitrile compounds
  • NTC – negative temperature coefficient PVC compounds (decrease in electrical resistance at higher temperatures)
  • purge compounds
  • rigid PVC compounds
  • record PVC compounds

From colourful variety to black and white

Supported by the colour-lab of Dugdale Ltd. basically any colour you wish is possible. If you like it a little less colourful, also these variants are available:

  • clear (crystal clear, yellowish or blueish)
  • natural
  • black
  • white

We also fulfull additional wishes

In addition to a large number of colours, our PVC compounds also may contain a whloe range of other advantages that can be used to expand the application range of our products on request:

  • anti-bacterial properties
  • anti-static properties
  • UV-stabilizers for higher colour fastness
  • suitability for contact with food
  • compliance with the RoHS directives

Here you find the PVC productlists as a pdf-file, just click below.

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