As complete as our offers: the facts about the company Linvest GmbH

Company name

Linvest GmbH

Managing director

Mr. Dirk de Wit


Judith & Monique


Feldhook 25, 48499 Salzbergen, GERMANY


Phone general
+49 5976 697 07 90

Phone logistics
+49 5976 948 97 1

+49 5976 697 07 92



VAT number

DE 258 439 757
NL 820 219 149 B01

Company number

Trading register B of the Amtsgericht Osnabrück
HRB 201784

Tax number


Euro payments:
Commerzbank Rheine, Germany
IBAN DE92 4034 0030 0152 0485 00

US-Dollar payments:
iBanFirst bank, Brussels, Belgium
IBAN BE98 9140 0997 9793

GB-Pound payments:
iBanFirst bank, Brussels, Belgium
IBAN BE34 9140 0997 9490

We have a firm belief in reliability, not in fine prints

We give our utmost to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. You do not have to pay attention to the fine prints in general terms and conditions, because you will not find these. We prefer transparency and trust, the best basis for long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
If something should not be as you have imagined, we trust that you speak openly and honestly with us. In order to meet your trust, we will find a solution that will satisfy you in every detail. You can always rely on this at Linvest GmbH.

Give us some details, to get the required information by return

We are pleased to send you further information about our products. Or would you like to receive a quotation? Whatever you need, call us any time on  +49 5976 697 07 90, or fill out the contact form and send it to us. We will reply you with 24 hours.

Please visit us in Salzbergen; Dirk, Fausto & Kees look forward to meeting you

You are always welcome at the Linvest GmbH office in the Lower Saxony place called Salzbergen. Just arrange your personal appointment so that we can plan sufficient time for you. The way to us is then very easy. Salzbergen is not far from the larger cities of Osnabrück and Münster and can be easily reached via two motorways, which meet at the Schüttorfer Kreuz.
From the north and from the Netherlands (Salzbergen is not far from the Dutch border with closest cities Oldenzaal and Enschede) you can reach us via the A30, which meets the A1 at the Lotterkreuz. If you are coming from the Ruhr area, take the A31 towards Emden.

From wherever and whenever you arrive; once you have survived Fausto and Kees, you will be served a fresh coffee in 10 minutes time.

We have adjusted the security: Gaston & Bruno guard the property…