Good properties are available per inquiry

The variety of good properties that make masterbatches possible can be realized with Linvest GmbH without restrictions.
We supply masterbatches based on various carriers, in any standard colour, based on any RAL or Pantone values. In addition to the standard colours, any other colour is also possible. Please contact us, we have the right solution for your desired colour. Either way, the supply of small quantities is not a problem.
In addition to colour masterbatches, we can also supply you with a series of additive masterbatches, which can be used to expand the possibilities of using plastics almost infinitely.

These includes …

  • anti-bacterial additives
  • anti-block agents
  • anti-fog agents
  • anti-static agents
  • biocidal additives
  • flame retardants
  • lubricants
  • metal deactivators
  • NIR and IR absorbers
  • nucleating agents
  • photoselective additives
  • processing aids
  • thermostabilisers
  • UV stabilizers

We turn your material compound into the right colour. We collect your plastic and return it in any colour you need. And this within 2 – 3 weeks time.

Tell us your requirements and we will present the right solution for you.

Carbon Black Masterbatches:

  • Carbon Black 50%, for ENPLA
  • Carbon Black 20% for PBT, PC, PA / 30% for PA / 45% for PP, PE
  • Carbon Black 43%, 50% for ABS
  • Carbon Black 25% for laser marking
  • Light diffusion for PS and PC, which is for light diffusion plate and LED housing

LG is using those quality at present.

Since February 1st, Linvest GmbH is the official agent for Astropol Ltd. & Colourpol Ltd. From England for their Masterbatches.

The masterbatches can be produced in different palletsizes from rather big pallets to tiny micrograins and even powder pigments, all to perfectly fir for your application and base-material.

The colours can vary from mono pigments to colour specific grades based on your requirements. Also special effects, like sparkles, luster or pearleffects are possible.

Astropol has perfect solutions for:

  • PVC window profiles
  • cabling
  • flooring
  • guttering
  • pipes
  • footwear
  • your application!


  • PVC masterbatches
  • masterbatches with other carriers, like ABS, EVA, etc.
  • toner masterbatches
  • additive masterbatches
  • heat reflective masterbatches
  • and combinations of the above mentioned masterbatches

Visit the website from Astropol via

Astropol is working close together with their customers to achieve optimum results for more than 20 years.

The engineers of Astropol are very much willing to visit your site to run trials and to give advise.

I look forward to receiving your inquiries.

On behalf of Astropol, I would like to introduce the following products:

  • Colourmasterbatches for PVC with a special PVC-carrier
  • Colourmasterbatches for other plastics
  • Masterbatches for special-effects, for example perllustre-effects
  • Masterbatches, which reflect sunlight, which lower the temperature of a product
  • ‘Color-Refresh’-Masterbatches, as foam-, antibacterial-, antistatic- and flameretardant-Masterbatches

We can supply our masterbatches with different granule-size, as:

  • Astro Batch – Granules of 3 mm
  • Astro Micro – Granules of 2 mm
  • Astroblend – Powderpigments
  • New: Micro-granules of ~ 1 mm, as the Micraflo Masterbatches from Mexichem

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