Two products with loads of benefits for you

Since June 2016, Linvest GmbH is the official representative of Omega Plasto Compounds Pvt. Ltd. in the Benelux countries and in Germany. Already more than 3000 satisfied customers in more than 75 countries rely on the high-quality products of the Indian company. We distribute a thermoplastic modifier (polycom) for all possible polymers as well as a prcessing aid for PVC (Polycom-P).

Indian know-how at your premises

Omega Plasto Compounds offers you the unique opportunity to have a specialist engineer advising you. It shows you directly at your plant how to set it up for an optimal result, answers all your questions and provides information on how to make the most of the benefits of Polycom and/or Polycom-P. Make an appointment!

Take a short detour to India and visit Omega Plasto Compounds Pvt. Ltd.

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The benefits of Polycom

Polycom is a modifier that can be used for all thermoplastic polymers, like PP, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, HIPS, PS, ABS and others.
It lowert the temperature in the cylinder, protects the extruder and …

  • supports chemical bonds between the polymer and calcium carbonate
  • fills micropores caused by calcium carbonate and/or by the use of rececled material
  • stabilizes the polymer chain, so that a higher dosage of calcium carbonate can be used
  • allows using a higher proportion of recycled material
  • reduces the formation of dust
  • prevents slipping of the material on the screw
  • increases the colour intensity
  • improves the gloss
  • reduces the load on the main motor of the extruder (powder consumption)

The benefits of Polycom-P

Polycom-P is a processing aid, that can be used for all types of PVC (UPVC, CPVC, hard and soft PVC, …).
It improves the quality of your plastic products, reduces the production costs and …

  • accelerates the merging of the various raw materials (increases productivity)
  • shortens the gelation time
  • replaces expensive processing aids
  • reduces the dossage of processing aids, impact modifiers and white masterbatch
  • improves surfaces, with more gloss and higher colour intensity
  • allows adding a higher dosage of calcium carbonate
  • prevents carbon formation and deposition on the tool

Whether Polycom or Polycom-P, all the advantages and detailed information can be found in the brochures, which you can download here.

We are happy to send you samples from Polycom and/or Polycom-P. Test both products. We are already convinced that you will be very satisfied with the result.

For special requests we have a special hand

In addition to the products of Omega Plasto Compounds, we can also offer you products from other manufacturers for very special requirements. We can supply you with …

  • anti-block additives
  • anti-static additives
  • gas absorbers
  • impact modifiers
  • moisture absorbers
  • odour absorbers
  • processing agents
  • etcetera

Please tell us what you need.

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